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December 1st is World AIDS Day and in honor of this fact, many cities across the globe have illuminated major landmarks in red. The City of San Francisco was no exception and did this wonderful job lighting City Hall in a very deep red. I wasn’t able to shoot from my favorite spot in Civic Center Plaza, as the city was in the process of erecting it’s Christmas tree and the unlit tree and hydraulic lift was smack dab in the middle of the shot. So, I moved to the northeast corner of McAlister and Polk. If it looks like I was standing in the street when I took this shot, it is because I was. I did this to keep the electric lines for the buses from cutting across the top of the dome. Luckily there was a couple of available parking spots and I parked my Jeep in one spot while I stood in the spot in front of my Jeep to get the shot.

I took this shot with my large format Toyo Field 45CF, using a Fujinon 90mm f/8.0 SW lens mounted in a Seiko #0 shutter. The exposure is eight minutes at f/64 on Fuji Velvia 100. The eight minute exposure was to maximize the light trails and to try and minimize the ghosting of the vehicles stopped at the red lights. I used a Gossen Lunasix 3 light meter and a Benro A-169 Travel Angel tripod with a B-0 ball head.

This shot is actually from December 1st 2010, as I was unable to make it into San Francisco this year.